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Katarina Burin Named ICA’s 2013 ‘Foster Prize’ Winner

(John Kennard/ICA)

The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston announced Wednesday the name of its biennial “Foster Prize” winner: 37-year-old Katarina Burin.

Burin makes mid-20th-century-inspired designs, installations and furniture inspired by a fictional character named Petra Andrejova-Molnar – a Czechoslovakian architect working in Europe between World War I and World War II.

(John Kennard/ICA)

(John Kennard/ICA)

“Her work highlights a pivotal moment within 20th century architecture — the design of radically new structures intended to promote modern ideas,” a statement from the museum said. “Burin’s work demonstrates an interest in architecture and design and how they connect with the history and politics of the interwar era.”

Burin also teaches drawing at Harvard University.

“I don’t really sell my work very easily so it’s not something I live off, and in order to make it I do have to have the job,” Burin said. “I love teaching, but I also like to have the money from this prize in order to continue making work, so that’s really exciting.”

The “Foster Prize” is part of the ICA’s effort to recognize local artists. The four finalists exhibit their work in the museum and the winner is awarded $25,000.

The work of the finalists will be on display through July 14.

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